Sorting and Inspection - GP12, CS1,CS2

For over 5 years, PRYSSA Sorting & Inspection Div. has been providing timely, cost-effective inspection, containment, rework, sorting and Warehousing services to manufacturers and suppliers for automotive industry.

PRYSSA is the answer to an increasing demand for supplier on-site representation, providing real-time feedback from the production line and the sequencer as issues arise.

Sorting And Inspection Mission Statement

Detect 100% catch ratios of all anomalies for all customers 100% of the time.

PRYSSA Sorting and Inspection is dedicated to fulfilling your needs and resolving your quality concerns. We strive to provide you with quality service and our success is determined by your satisfaction.

As a member of the PRYSSA group, we bring the Ultimate PRYSSA Experience to the table, enabling our capabilities to reach far beyond the traditional sorting business of “Go/No-Go”. We specialize in GP12 / CS-1 Containment, CS-2 Containment, Engineering Reworks, and Liaison services.


  • Sort and Inspection
  • GP-12/CS1 & CS2 Containment
  • Quality Liaison
  • Quality Representative / Sort Coordinator

Certifications and Recognitions:

  • TQM Certification
  • OEM Tier 1 Supplier
  • Six Sigma Certification
  • Lean Manufacturing Certification

Service Areas:

  • North Mexico –Monclova, Saltillo, Acuña, Piedras Negras, Monterrey, Reynosa, Matamoros, Torreón, Durango
  • Central Mexico-SLP, Guanajuato, Queretaro


On and Off-site Sorting & Inspection

Good parts in means good parts out. We have developed the “Quick Response Team” as a resource that can help you deal with quality issues quickly and effectively. We inspect materials at your facility, your customer’s facility, your supplier’s facility or you can have the materials diverted to one of our facilities for containment and certification.

Engineering Rework

Often non-conforming parts require modification to be serviceable in accordance with engineering specifications. PRYSSA Sorting works directly with your quality department and engineers to modify the non-conforming parts to the required specifications

GP-12 / CS1 Containment

Whether it’s pre-production, production launches or product changeovers, controlled shipping and containment is a vital tool to validate the production control plan. PRYSSA Sorting works closely with our customers to provide off-line 3rd party containment on and off-site, with 100% certified inspection of all parts, validating the production control plan and ensuring that the customer is protected from non-conforming parts.

CS2 Containment

Occasionally a customer finds themselves or their supplier in a situation where either personnel or processes have proven to be incapable of isolating the problem, while attempting to self-contain shipments. In this instance, PRYSSA Sorting works closely with our customers to add an additional layer of containment. We provide 100% inspection and certification of all parts, continuously supporting our clients throughout the implementation of corrective action until the process controls and capabilities have been proven.…effectively isolating the customer from any non-conforming parts.

Quality Representative / Sort Coordinator

Coordinating multiple containment situations can be resource consuming and is often a full time job in itself. We partner with our customers to provide on-site single point of contact. Working seamlessly together with our customer, our coordinator fields all incoming quality alerts direct from our customer’s quality team and coordinates directly with our customer’s suppliers as needed. We then organize the containment from on-line clean points to in-house inventory and beyond, deploying the necessary resources to get the job done.

Quality Liaison

PRYSSA Sorting supports its customers by providing on-site Quality Liaison support. We help our customers to proactively develop working relationships with their customers or suppliers. Our ability to represent you on-site helps you maintain valuable face time and to address quality concerns on the spot. By gathering real-time data, addressing quality issues, managing containment activities we help you to avoid escalating customer concerns.

Our liaisons provide launch support, monitor engineering changes and head off quality issues before they escalate into problems that can adversely affect your relationship with your customers and suppliers.


PRYSSA understand the situation of their clients which offers storage in 3 locations, Laredo TX 2500sqft. Monclova Mexico 5152sqft and Eagle Pass TX 2500sqft. As a service the inspection and sorting process can be carried out from these points and eliminate high PPM's on customer facilities.

Also the Service include Transportation to move material to customers plants per hour, daily and weekly basis.

Packing and Packaging

Wooden packaging for shipments in Mexico, USA and Canada (Oak and Pine wood) — HT Treatment.

PRYSSA is your "Wooden Packaging Solutions Company." We manufacture wooden and corrugated industrial packaging products, including wood pallets Our in-house lumber inventory is extensive and allows us to meet any volume requirements - big or small. Plus, PRYSSA operates our own fleet of trucks - assuring delivery where and when you need it. customized wooden packaging products.

We manufacture and supply superior quality wooden pallets and have the Government Permits for HT treatment. We specialize in making Oak poles, four-way & two-way wooden pallets, and we also offer euro standard wooden pallet & our products can be customized to facilitate any specific required designs from customers.

With our own manufacturing facilities we are able to offer a wide range of customized wooden packaging products such as pallets, skids, boxes, poles, crates, cradles, blocking and top frames. Utilizing modern machinery minimizes our labor costs, providing you reduced product cost to maximize your investment.

We deal in pine and Oak wood of superior quality, which is available with us in sawn sizes. We offer duly heat treated pine/oak wood or chemically treated pine/oak wood to serve purposes in the manufacturing companies to export around the world.

High Precision Machining, JG Div.

PRYSSA and JG as a Joint Venture is an industry leader in the field of high quality contract machining. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the area. We manufacture parts for many of the world's most demanding applications. JG has proven itself capable of producing complex components based on strict customer design specifications.

  • From small parts zero to 30 inches, to large parts up to 12 feet.
  • From aluminum and stainless steel, to titanium and exotic metal alloys.
  • From raw material to finished product and assembled components.
  • From engineering support and prototypes, to custom-kitted, dock-to-stock solutions.

From early stage production through dockside ready components, JG offers a vast variety of precision metal machining services to provide our customers with efficient solutions. Some of our specialties include:

Milling and Turning

JG utilizes high-speed vertical and horizontal machining centers to mill, drill, and grind high-precision components in high or low volumes. We can produce parts of various materials using the latest precision design software, super precision measurement equipment and high-precision machining centers (tolerances of +/- 0.001).


Boring is a precision operation in which a hole of a given concentricity must be made in a material. However, unlike drilling, very tight tolerances (0.001") can be maintained over long distances (24").

Drilling can drill a variety of materials to suit your needs. Whether it be standard drilling will repeatable concentricity down to micro drilling - JG will quickly become your preferred vendor.


JG has many years of experience in the field of abrasive cutting technologies. JG has several conventional grinders working to close tolerances (0.0050") every day.


JG can utilize broaching to achieve desired metal forms with high accuracy and precision. Broaching involves cutting metal by means of a toothed tool. JG can make specialty broaching tools to be used as standalone operations.


JG also offers a wide variety of support services, both in house and through our trusted suppliers that have been vetted through the time of service.

Industrial Products Supply

Industrial Maintenance

PRYSSA as professionals in Industrial Engineering is our purpose to contribute to the continuous improvement of productive systems of goods and services. One of the ways to contribute to such improvement is to ensure the availability and reliability of operations through optimal maintenance.

In PRYSSA the purpose of maintenance is to ensure the availability and expected reliability of operations with respect to the desired function, fulfilling also all requirements of system quality management as well as the safety and the environment, I sought global maximum benefit.

Industrial maintenance services:

Air Conditioners

In PRYSSA we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers in the preventive, predictive and corrective air-conditioning maintenance, through our infrastructure and experience of our staff, providing the best service and high quality equipment.

We have experience in units such as chillers and Minisplits in brands such as Carrier, Mirage, Trane, GMC and York. We maintain package type units from 1.0 tons to 25 tons Refrigeration cooling voltages of 230 and 460 volts.


  • Maintenance of presses
  • Maintenance benders
  • Maintenance guillotines
  • Maintenance lathes
  • Maintenance of milling machines
  • Maintenance of grinding
  • Electrical installations
  • Pneumatic Installations
  • Review hydraulic systems

Cleaning and maintenance

Dedicated to cleaning and general maintenance of buildings, large public spaces, offices, PRYSSA applies highly specialized in comprehensive hygienic maintenance systems.

To do this, PRYSSA has a staff dedicated to each client , associates and technicians in each of the services offered. In technology, PRYSSA has the most advanced systems and machinery and products used last selected for each type of application and surface, which offer the best results generation.

To fulfill its commitment to the environment, PRYSSA uses natural components and conforms to current legislation referring to the environmental management of packaging.

This level of satisfaction has recently allowed such important consortia as GIMSA, HFI, Exceeds have placed their trust in PRYSSA to perform cleanup activities in their various offices and establishments.

Materials Transportation

PRYSSA has earned a reputation for delivering an exceptional customer experience and complete customer satisfaction on every shipment. We offer a full portfolio of international and domestic transportation services via air and ground around Mexico and USA. No matter the size of the shipment nor the deadline, you can be confident we'll deliver.

Our full range of services includes:

  • Next Day
  • Hand Carry
  • 2nd Day
  • Charter
  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • Truckload
  • International Air
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Customs Clearance

With 3 warehouses in Laredo TX, Eagle Pass TX and Monclova Mx, we offer a full package on your shipments.