PRYSSA is a young company at the forefront of industrial processes, marketer of a wide variety of industrial products and services, focused on customer satisfaction.

PRYSSA to experienced stable growth rate due to acquisitions and strategic alliances, training of team members, use of tools such as Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and others.

PRYSSA consists of 6 business units:

  • Sort, Rework and Inspection GP12, CS1, CS2
  • Industrial Products supply
  • Wood Packing and Packaging
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • High precision machined
  • Materials Transportation

PRYSSA is the response to customer demand for quality, cost and delivery, providing products services and communication with world class standards.

PRYSSA recognizes that the only way to succeed is customer satisfaction.


Mission Statement


Being a leader of integrated products solutions and services, providing to our customers with high-value services, innovative and world-class.


As we plan our strategies to sustain growth for the years to come, our core values of Teamwork and Continuous Improvement will continue to drive our future initiatives.



Achieve the Total Quality Management performance, meeting the requirements of external and internal customers.

Total Quality Management performance means understanding who the customer is, what are their requirements, comply with them, without error, and always on time.

Our House


System of thought

  • Kaizen
  • Muda
  • Jidoka
  • Kanban
  • 5s